I'm a book cover designer, and your site is amazing. There is a huge lack of fresh images for romance book covers in the current stock photography world. Basically, everyone is using the same images again and again because new images don't exist. Examples of this would be >

Attractive men, shirtless, but wearing pants and or underwear.

Attractive men taking off shirts.

Men in suits in various stages of undress.

Woman, fully clothed, but in very sophisticated/sexy/modern clothing.

Couples even better! They could be hugging, kissing, fighting, anything! Attractive models are a must (romance). Facial expressions should tell a story (this is sorely lacking).

Optional (but would love) for the men are: beards/tattoos/smug expressions/ sexy expressions, etc.

I have tons of other concepts, but will start with this for now. WE NEED THIS! Love you guys.